View your home from satellite

View your home from satellite it is quite real. You can view your home from satellite through this modern technology. Moreover, View your home from satellite is totally free of cost. Through this facility you can look for any road, office or location from your mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.

The word “satellite” means a machine, which is set free into space and that moves around the Earth. The satellites orbit Earth and send pictures those assists the meteorologists to predict the weather, used for communication like television signals and phone class around the world.

Google Map

The cluster of 20 satellites makes up the Global Positioning System that is famous with the short abbreviation GPS. The GPS receiver will assist you to find out the exact location on Earth. Google Earth or Google Maps is used to get a satellite view of your house or desired location on the Earth.

Google Earth contains satellite contains imagery, maps, aerial photos, etc. These facilities provide fantastic facility to enable anyone to see the entire world and can get information of that particular area. The Google Earth is free of cost to download and gather high resolution graphics and satellite images.

Google Earth and Google Maps are using the same satellite for the collection of data, but they are a little bit different from each other. Google Earth offers a 3D virtual globe, but Google Maps used 2D map.

The virtual trip permit the viewer to visit any part of the world and through this, you can also search your house. Through outer space and zoom down to the street level. The followings are a few steps before finding your own house through satellite.

Initially you have to visit the website Google Earth Pro and once it opens in your computer or laptop then on top left you will find the search box. The search box is a box having space to write or put your house address. After then double click in the search results.

The Google Earth will take you to your neighborhood location. Drag the pegman icon to get the street view and you will get very close look at your house. Through this facility you can easily find out the any location, business name or desired heights.

Google Earth projects your house clearly and it is just top at your house through this facility. This online service also measures land from air without any measuring tools.

Historical view of past through Google Earth
Google Earth also work as time machine. In case you are looking your house through this satellite service, but liked to see what it was in past. There are few steps though those you can get historical imagery for that particular location.

To get the historical view of your house the followings steps will be taken by you. In first you have to go menu and select View > Historical Imagery. After this click Historical Imagery button on the given toolbar.

There is date selection icon in the lower side of the left corner of the Google Earth window. The Google Earth will jump the users to oldest historical imagery those are available in the database of this application. Using Street View on Mobile

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The Google Maps app is not similar as the Google Street View app, but both are different. In case you have Android device then you have to download the official Google Street View app from the Google play. Similarly, the iOS devices this available in the form of Google maps app, but currently a separate iOS Google Street View app for this.

After downloading this app, then click on top search bar and then click on map to adjust Pegman icon used for identification. The imagery will appear and it will provide 360 degree and navigate it through arrow. However, all mobiles have different app system, but the idea is the same for the viewing of your house through satellite.

Through this service or facility you can view all major location, highways, buildings and other monuments located in all over the world. The important thing is that it provides 3D images that seems to be fantastic and real.

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