United States work visa

United States is a large country of the North America continent and it is full of natural resources like petroleum and natural gas. Moreover, this country has industrial zones in different states of this country. United States encourages and welcomes foreign immigrant in this country, but they must be skilled or qualified. However, prior to enter in this country the overseas workers must have a work permit. United States has various work permits like temporary work visa, seasonal work permit and exchanged program work permit. These works permit are different from each other in many ways in term of documents or procedures. The non-immigrant work visa category for limited period and on maturity of this visa the visa holder must leave the country. The followings are some prevailing work visas.

1. H-1B visa for US
This work visa category is famous and it requires an employer sponsorship. The worker for this work visa must have minimum bachelor degree and have a relevant experience. The employer or sponsor submits this case in U.S. Citizenship and Immigration services as I-129 Petition. This work visa the most demanded work visa in entire United States.

L-1 visa for US
This work visa is for the employees of the company having the United States based company or organization. In this way the workers are transferred from overseas to the United States branch for the time being. Those employees will be transferred in the United States having minimum three years experience in company or organization. This work visa has two categories just as L-1A, which is for managers while L-1B is for those having specific expertise.

O-1 visa for US
The United States offers work visa to overseas individuals equipped with an extra ordinary expertise. However, the offer should be from the US employer and the employer files a I-129 Petition that this particular individual is my requirement and allow me to induct from overseas.

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E-1 visa for US
This work visa permit the foreigners to start their business or invest in this country. The most prominent condition for this visa is that the investor must be that particular country, which has an agreement with US regarding this. This type of visa application will be entertained by the US embassy of the applicant country.

TN visa for US
This work visa category is specifically designed for the nationals of Canada and Mexican workers. On the other hand, the applicant under this work visa category will prove their nationality through valid documents that they belong to the registered countries.

How to apply for United States work visas
The USCIS is an authority and its recommendation is necessary for all work visas. The petitions Form I-129 is required and after the clearance of this Form. It is necessary for the applicant of work visa that he must have I-129 petition number at the time of interview.

Procedure of United States work visa
It is necessary for the work visa applicant that he must be filled DS-160 Form and deposit visa processing fee according to the instructions of embassy. The applicant also gets an appointment from the US embassy or consulate. It is also vital for the work visa applicant that he must contains all concerned documents, valid passport and recent pictures. The visa officer makes a decision regarding the visa approval or rejection.

United States work visas requirements
The United States has different types of work visas and therefore they have different requirements. However, the followings are some common documents which are required in all work visas.
1. Sponsor letter or job offer letter from the US employer with job description.
2. Passport of the applicant and other traveling documents should be valid.
3. Fresh passport sized color pictures of the applicant.
4. Attested copies of all concerned documents like degree, certificate or diplomas.
5. Health fitness certification from recommended hospital.


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