United Kingdom working holiday visa

The United Kingdom is economically leading country in Europe because of industry, commercial activities, investment and tourism. The visitors, tourists, students, employees, investor, immigrants and settlers usually prefer this country because of its economical position and living standard. The UK welcomes those employees or workers having excellent experience and skills along with qualification. The workers from other parts of the world land this country due to the best job opportunities with handsome salaries. However, these foreigners must be equipped with work visa that allow them to live and work in this country. The working holiday visa is another work visa, but it is for limited period. This work visa category is only issued to those countries nationals which have bilateral agreement with the United Kingdom under young people exchange program. All member countries exchange their young individuals to understand the culture, traditions and values of the other member’s country. The age limits for this work visa category is 18 to 30 years of age. The required point for the eligibility of visa is 50 points and 30 come if the individual or applicant belongs to member country. However, 10 points for relevant age group and 10 points come if the applicant has minimum £1800 in his account.

United Kingdom working holiday visa conditions
The United Kingdom needs some basic conditions which must be carried out by the applicant. The first and vital condition for this working holiday visa is that the applicant must be from member country that has agreement with the UK. The second condition for this visa is that the applicant must have enough budgets to support him during his stay in this country. This visa can offer two years residency in the UK, but he can get any sort of job in this country. However, there are few limitations like he cannot get a job as trainee doctor, cannot engage in sports profession and does not start his business. This working holiday visa category does not require any type of sponsorship, but applicant must be from the member country.

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How to apply United Kingdom working holiday visa
The working holiday visa can be arranged or applied in two main ways like through reputed agency or online application by himself. The online application is made on provided application form that requires details of the applicant. However, the main requirement for this visa is like works experience, age, qualification, belonging country, etc. However, scans documents including picture of the applicant must be uploaded in case of online application. This working holiday visa process take round about two weeks and this visa offers multiple entries.

Working holiday visa requirements
United Kingdom working holiday visa demands that the applicant must be from enlisted country and he/she should be between 18 to 30 years of age. However, the applicant of this visa must have enough funds to bears his/her expenditures during the stay in the UK. It is also necessary that the applicant must be physically fit and have no criminal record in his country. The followings are some vital documents which must be provided by the applicant.
1. The applicant of this working holiday visa has valid traveling documents including passport.
2. The applicant of this visa must be a single at the time of application submission.
3. The working holiday visa applicant has enough money to support himself during this stays.
4. The Form should be properly filled out according to the given instructions and duly signed by the applicant.
5. Fresh passport sized color pictures are required from the applicant.
6. Insurance policy is also needed from the applicant for this visit.
7. Medical fitness certificate from nominated hospital or clinic.


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