UK work visa

United Kingdom is a developed country of the Europe and it has a long tradition. The country has fantastic living condition and an excellent infrastructure. Moreover, country has large industrial zones and has huge job opportunities not for the native people, but individuals from abroad also visit this country for suitable job. The country is now an icon of Europe and pulls the employee from all over the globe. The country usually have skilled and experience employee those contribute the economy of this country. However, the foreign employees can only enter through legal process. In this way the work permit is the only official document that facilitates the overseas employee to enter in this country. The UK employments are amazing because these jobs offer excellent salaries and other basic benefits. The UK offers different kinds of jobs to overseas workers which are available as part-time and full-time. The UK has followings are some work visas.

Tier 1 UK visa
This sort of the UK work visa is designed for the professionals and elite class just as engineers, medical professionals, digital technology experts and humanities. The category released only 1000 work visa in this category in single year. However, this visa is officially for five years, but can be extending for another five years.

Tier 2 UK visa
This work visa category for the seasoned and experts those earn about £25,000 per year. The UK employer containing valid sponsored license can sponsor the overseas workers under this category. The validity of this work visa class is six years.

Tier 2 UK visa (Intra company transfer) visa
The United Kingdom is the prime hub of commercial organizations and banks. Different companies from other parts of the world transfer their staff in this country for limited time. The overseas employee will be sponsored by the UK branch of that particular company. The work visa of this class is issued for six months to nine years according to circumstances.

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Tier 2 UK visa (Minister of religion) visa
This visa is normally sponsored from the belief society for religious services. The validity of this visa is for three years and it may extend on request.

How to apply for UK work visa
There are different kinds of work visas and they need right type of application Form. The relevant Forms can be downloaded from the British embassy website. The relevant application Form is properly filled out by applicant and will be submitted at the UK embassy along with job offer letter or sponsor letter. The embassy officials inform the applicant regarding the acceptance or rejection of this visa through email or telephonic contact.

UK work visa process
The UK employer or company in this country advertises the vacancy in newspapers for 28 days. In case no native applicant applies for this vacant job, then they Labor Ministry permits the employer to hire overseas worker. The hiring employer must be equipped with valid employer license. The Labor Ministry once allows the employer, then he hires foreign worker on the basis of expertise.

UK work visa requirements
The overseas workers can enter in the United States or England on the basis of work visa. The work visa is arranged by the UK employer and this visa demands some basic documents and continuous which must be fulfilled by the visa applicant.
1. The job offers or sponsored letter from the UK employer or company.
2. Valid traveling documents of the employee including passport.
3. Fresh passport sized color pictures of the applicant.
4. English language certificate from reputation institutes.
5. Health fitness certificate including TB clearance certificate.
6. Police clearance certificate from the belonging country of the work visa applicant.

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