UK Student Visa

The United Kingdom is the important country of the Europe and it is commercial hub of all commercial activities. The country has a fantastic living standard and jobs opportunity that is why tourists, employee, businessmen and students visit this country. The UK has marvelous schools, colleges and universities those pulls the students from all over the world. The educational institutes have fantastic teaching staff, laboratories, studying environment as well as fieldwork. The majority of colleges and universities of this country are higher in world ranking because of different unique features. The famous universities of the world are located in this part of the world. This educational institute not only offer quality education, but also increases the creativity in students. However, all educational institutes of this country needs study visa from foreign students. The followings are some main categories of student visas.

1. Tier 4 (general) student visa for UK
This student visa category is created for those international students who are minimum 16 years of age at the time of application submission.

2. Tier (child) student visa for UK
This visa category belongs to those overseas students who are in between 4 to 17 years and have a plan to study in this country. These categories of students are permitted to study at fee paying schools in entire country.

3. Student visitor visa for UK
This visa category is designed for short courses like English language course or professional training in specific filed of applicant own interest.

4. Child visitor visa for UK
This student visa category is for the students having age below 17 years and want to study in courses having duration less than six months.

The United Kingdom allows the student to work up to 20 hours per week during the classes. However, during the holidays they can avail this opportunity as a full-time. The work is allowed only those students hold Tier 4 visa or their course is for more than six months. The visa application must be submitted from the students three months before the course started. The Tier 4 visa holder can invite their family or those having their courses more than six months duration. The English course students cannot invite their family because its duration is less than six months.

UK student visa requirements
The student or study visa is required from overseas students including EU countries. The student visa is not needed for part-time courses. The student visa is based on points and it determines the eligibility of this visa. It is necessary that student must get 40 points and the mentioned below requirements are vital for this study visa.

1. Course confirmation letter.
The foreign students need confirmation or acceptance letter called (CAS) issued from educational institute. It is necessary that the letter must be from recognized educational institute and approved by the UK visa and immigration (UKVI).

2. Funding for studies
The student who is going to take admission in the UK educational institute must prove that he/she has enough funds for this course and other expenses. To prove this, he/she will provide the supporting documents just as bank statements. The normal fee in the UK is about £8,000 to £36,000 and beside this, he/she has at least £1,265 per month for other expenditures.

3. UK study visa application
The visa applicant can send his application online by using the provided application format. The bio-metric information is also required for this process. The bio-metric information are taken at visa application center.

4. Health facility fee.
In case the student is away from the Europe and he/she has a plan to study more than six months, then he needs National Health Service. The health expenditure is round about £150 per year. It is recommended that student has to apply for this after the receiving the acceptance letter from the United Kingdom educational institute.