UK Immigration visa

The United Kingdom is an icon in the Europe continent and it is enlisted in first world countries of the world because of development. The UK has fantastic infrastructure, comfortable living spaces, educational institutes, health facilities and jobs opportunities. The United Kingdom pulls millions of foreigners in different categories like students, employees, tourists, businessmen and general site explorers. The country offers the best jobs facilities and an amazing living standard that is why people from other region rush this country. This country encourages qualified and experts employee in this country through valid channels. It is an opportunity for the foreign workers that their work permit can convert into permanent residency or citizenship. However, it is necessary for the employee to complete all requirements for this process. The United Kingdom has launched various types of immigration categories; however, it is compulsory for the applicant that he must have expertise in his own filed. The followings are some important or main categories of the immigration those can convert into citizenship.

Tier 1 UK immigration visa.
The investors away from the European Economic Area (EEA) can apply for this immigration category. The main object of this type of immigration is to increase the investment and establish new business zones or develop prevailing business units. However, this Tier 1 category offers limited numbers of visas under this scheme.

Tier 2 UK immigration visa category.
This Tier 2 immigration category is designed for the competent and experienced employees, but they must be away from the European Economic Area (EEA). It is also necessary for this visa category that the employee must receive a job offer from the United Kingdom employer. The workers transferred from the parent company or organization to this country also fall in this category.

Tier 3 UK immigration visa category.
This visa category is allocated for the employee having less experience or expertise and hired to fill the employee’s shortage. The employees are inducted purely on temporary bases during the labor shortage. At the moment this category is suspended for the time being.

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Tier 4 UK immigration visa category.
This visa category is allocated for foreign students, but they must be from outside the European Economic Area (EEA). The age limits is an important factor in this visa category and the student must be over sixteen years. However, it is vital for the overseas student that he/she must take admission in the United Kingdom University or college.

Tier 5 UK immigration visa category.
This immigration is for sports related person, religious staff and trust people. It is also important to know that this immigration is for the nationals of those countries having the bilateral agreement with the UK for specifically for this purpose.

The United Kingdom immigration visa process
The immigration’s category need to apply through recommended ways. The application for these immigration categories must be submitted on the related application Form. The relevant application Form should be filled out according to the given instructions. The application Form must be annexed related documents, covering or supporting documents and receipt of visa processing fee. The immigration visa applicant will submit this case in the UK embassy of his own country. The applicant will get the updates of this application through email, telephonic contact or official letter at postal address. However, in some immigration case the visa officer summoned the visa applicant at British embassy.

The UK immigration visas requirements
The UK immigration categories require different documents or other conditions because all categories have different requirements. Besides, these specific documents there are few common and vital documents which must be provided by the immigration visa applicant. The followings are some compulsory requirements for the immigration.
1. Valid passport of the immigration visa applicant and other traveling documents
2. Recent passport sized color pictures of the applicant.
3. Attested copies of all academic and other professional documents.
4. In case of investor the visa applicant must provide financial details of his bank accounts.
5. Admission enrollment letter from the UK educational institute.
6. Security clearance from the immigration visa applicant native country.

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