UK family visa

The United Kingdom is a civilized and cultural country of the Europe. This country attracts the people from other region of the world for different purposes like study, job, visit and immigration. The influx of individuals toward this region is due to job opportunities, best option of studies and fantastic living environment. Moreover, the United Kingdom also facilitates the foreign individuals comfortably and there are soft policies. That is the main reason the people of other countries are residing here and enjoy comfortable luxurious lives. The UK has millions of overseas families residing in this country from decades. The other family members living abroad want to visit the UK residing family and for this they need an official document in the form of the UK family visa. The United Kingdom family visa allows the visa holder to visit his/her family in this country. However, this visits visa is for limited period and after the maturity of this visits visa the visa holder must leave this country.

The family visitor visa is required for those individuals living outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland. The people from EEA and Switzerland do not need any visa to visit this country. The family that is living in the United Kingdom must be the permanent citizen of this country. They may be settled in the UK, secured asylum or they are living as Humanitarian protection status. The family visits visa requires a specific form for this that is known as VAFIB. The family member of British citizens and settled person are eligible to visit and remain in the UK. The children below the age of 18 years belonging to British citizen and settled person are eligible for this family visa. They may apply for temporary visa through VAF4 application form. After, the entry in this country they can apply for British settlement and then for citizenship. The children and partner of the asylum can apply through FLP (P) application form. These applicants can submit their case for British settlement and then citizenship.

UK family visa process
The family visa applicant submit his application on relevant application form and filled out this form according to the given instruction. The application must have all supporting documents including official document that proves the relationship with the UK resident or settler. Similarly the visa processing fee receipt must be attached with this application. The applicant submits this case in the embassy of the United Kingdom of his own country. The embassy thoroughly checks all the provided documents and it they need then call the applicant to interview. The visa officer inquires about the UK resident or settler relationship with the applicant. In case the case is genuine, then they issue the family visit visa to applicant. The applicant through this visa can visit and live in this country on the behalf of this visa.

UK family visa requirements
The family visa is an official document that is required to visit the family members in the United Kingdom. It is necessary for visa holder that he has some close family member in this country and it should be provided by the visa applicant. It is also compulsory that the visa applicant must have enough budgets to support him during the visit. The followings are some vital documents which should be provided by the family visa applicant.
1. The passport of the family visa applicant must be valid and its validity should be over six months.
2. Applicant must provide his/her fresh color pictures.
3. The applicant will provide the six months bank statements along with deposit details.
4. Income tax returns for the last three years if required.
5. Salary slips of the applicant if he/she is an employee.
6. Proof of relationship with the UK resident, settled like birth certificate or marriage certificate.
7. Sponsor letter from the UK resident or citizen of this country.