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The United Arab Emirates nationality has different names. Like UAE nationality, UAE citizenship or Dubai citizenship. But, the main question is how you get the Emirati nationality? This citizenship has numbers of benefits like permanent residency and work in UAE. The UAE citizenship for expats is a good chance to secure the nationality. But, this citizenship demands few basic requirements. This citizenship for professionals like doctors, engineers and other professionals with food achievements.

UAE citizenship by investment is also available for overseas investors. In this category the foreign investors will invest in United Arab Emirates businesses. So, according to latest announcement from the UAE officials. That law has amended with new rules. But, still the criteria of picking the right kind of applicant is not mentioned. However, it is great chance for the overseas workers and professionals to get citizenship. But, investors can get the Dubai citizenship through investment.

How to get UAE nationality.
The government of UAE announced UAE nationality or UAE citizenship. But, applicant will apply through General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA). The applicant of this UAE citizenship can apply each Emirate. Thus, UAE nationality will offer the facility to live and work. In other words it is living visa or UAE Dubai citizenship. But, after getting UAE nationality individual will get the right of vote.

UAE citizenship act.
UAE citizenship law based on Federal Law No.17 of 1972 on national and passports, as amended by Federal Law No. 10 of 1975 and Decree law No. 16 of 2017. So, an individuals may get UAE nationality through law, citizenship or nationality.

UAE nationality law.
Nationality by law includes anyone who is:
1. Born in the UAE or overseas to father who is a UAE citizen.
2. Born in the UAE or overseas to a mother who is a UAE citizen or father to unknown or without citizenship.
3. Born in the UAE to unknown parents.

UAE nationality by citizenship.
People include in this category like:
1. An overseas woman married to a the United Arab Emirates citizen having one or more kids. The marriage duration should more than seven years since the submission of application.
2. An overseas woman married to a UAE citizen without any kid. They engaged with this marriage for ten years since the submission of application.

UAE nationality by naturalization may awarded to:
1. It is for an Arab applicant from the nearby country. That is living UAE from at least three years before application submission.
2. An Arab applicant living in UAE from seven years before application submission . Moreover, he has legal income resource, has good reputation and not convicted in any case.

3.An individual who is living in UAE since 1940 until the effective date of Federal law no. 17 of 1972. Moreover, he has legal income resource, has good reputation and not convicted in any case. But, he has fluency in the Arabic.
4. An applicant who serves outstandingly to the United Arab Emirates.

UAE nationality requirements.
However, As above are the basic or fundamental rules or requirements for this citizenship.
1. The applicant of UAE Dubai nationality can hold dual nationality. It is according to new announcement from UAE officials.
2. He/she fluent in Arabic language.
3. He/she must has relevant qualification.

4. Applicant must has legal source of income.
5. Applicant must has good moral character.
6. Applicant not convicted in any offence.

The application will be checked by the Advisory Committee. That is from all seven Emirates members. This commentate will assess that. Whether all applicant meets the legal requirements of citizenship or not. But, all provided documents will checked and counter checked from the authorities. That is why submit all legal and original documents with your citizenship application.

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