United Kingdom business visa

UK Business Visa

The UK or England is situated in the continent Europe and it is enlisted the most developed countries of the world. The country is economically ahead among the other countries of this region because of the industries. Similarly there are thousands of commercial organization, banks, business units and other economical activities center. There are thousands of businesses are going on in this region of the world. The United Kingdom encourages the overseas investors and financiers to invest in this country and get advantage of different relaxation in term of taxation. The foreigners are allowed to establish new business and trading units to enhance the economy of this country. The overseas investors will take the benefits of qualified staff, skilled workers and experience experts in different fields. Moreover, the UK government offers different types of incentive to the foreign investors. There are numbers of businessmen visiting this country for earning more profit by setting industries and commercial units. However, for this the overseas businessmen or investors need investor visas. To meet the requirement of these foreign investors there are different categories of investor visas.

The United Kingdom Tier 1 Investor visa
This category of investor visa is for the foreign investors coming to invest in this country. The investors are free hands and they can establish new business or invest in going on business. The UK government has launched the overseas investor’s schemes and under this scheme the foreign investor can get benefit of this offer.

The United Kingdom Tier 1 Investor visa requirements
To secure this type of investor visa the investor must have some other requirements other than the investment capital. The followings are some necessary equipment for this visa category.
1. The overseas investor must have minimum £1 million in his hold.
2. The foreign invest must invest £750,000 in private organization or trust.
3. In his investment the investor can secure the position of business executive.
4. The overseas investor must pass his half time in this country.
5. The investor must be fluent in English.

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The United Kingdom Tier 1 Investor visa conditions
This investor visa class has some basic condition those are very much annexed with this visa.
1. This visa category is issued for three years.
2. This visa can be renewed for another three years after the expiry, but the investor must carry out all necessary requirements.
3. The new extension will be for next two years.
4. The foreign investor under this category of visa can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain or permanent residence visa. Moreover, the other family member of this investor can live and work in this country.

The United Kingdom Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa
This foreign investor visa category is for the international investors who have a plan to invest in new business or trade. In this way they will not only enhance the economy of this country, but creates new jobs to the native people.

The United Kingdom Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa requirements
The overseas investor must fulfill these followings requirements for this visa category.
1. The overseas investor must grab at least £200,000 to starts planned business or trading.
2. The investor can establish any type of business, but he will engage as full-time employee.
3. The overseas investor must offer minimum two jobs to EEA nationals.
4. The international investor will be responsible for all business issues.
5. The overseas investor must keep enough capital to stable his business.
6. The business planned must be practical that can be implementing in this country.
7. The investor has good command in English.

The United Kingdom Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa conditions
There are few basic conditions for this visa category and these conditions must be completed by the applicant of this investor visa type.
1. This visa category for investor is released for two years.
2. In case the international investors offers two jobs to the native people then this will renewed for next three years.
3. This investor visa category can lead to permanent residency if all conditions are fulfilled.
4. The investor can bring his family members on this visa and they can live and work in this part of the world.

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