The United States student visa

The United States is a wide and large country of the North America continent that is full of natural resources. The country belongs to first world countries group and has well-developed infrastructure. All the institutions in this country are update and this country facilitates its inhabitants in different ways. The US pulls overseas employees, immigrants, students due to fantastic job opportunities and educational institutes. The US universities, colleges and other vocational institutes attract foreign students because of their quality education. The US universities and colleges have skilled, qualified and learned staff to facilitate the students. However, international students need valid study visa for that. The student visa or study visa is a legal document that permits the overseas student to enter in this country. Similarly, the student visa is usually issued for the period of course and after that foreign student leaves the country.

The overseas individuals those are coming in the United States for studies need valid visa like F visa or M visa. The educational institute decides about the category of study visa. The F visa is for the students of university, college, high school, private elementary school, seminary, conservatory and language training institute. Similarly, the M study visa is allocated for vocational or non academic institution. The overseas students those are on visit visa or B visa are not allowed to study on this visa category. However, visitor B visa is suitable for the limited recreational course of study and that is not enlisted as degree or certificate. The United States does not allow the students to enter in this country on B visa for degree or certificate program because B visa is for short courses.

How to apply student visa in the United States.
There are different ways to apply student visa from abroad, but the applicant can consult the embassy or consulate website. Initially student contact the desired university or college and get the acceptance letter from the head of the institution. This main supporting document is the foundation of the student visa. The head of the institution checks all the provided documents thoroughly and then issue the acceptance letter. The applicant of this student visa fills out online visa application form. The form that is required for this study visa Form DS-160. In first step student must complete the online application form and then take a print for his/her interview reference. Once the candidate of this student visa fills out the online application Form DS-160 then upload your photograph according to instruction.

The US student visa interview
The interview is conducted in the US embassy or consulate in the applicant own native country. The aim of the interview is to confirm the eligibility of the candidate for this visa and check other provided documents. The digital fingerprint scans are taken in this process too. The visa officer may ask for any other additional document or reference. However, after completing the interview the candidate have to deposit visa insurance fee. The student visa application needs interview, but in some cases it is exempted like if the applicant is 13 years of age or less than this. The students those have 14 years of age or more than this, then they will appear in their interview. However, the students over the age of 80 years do not require interview for their study visa. The student visa applicant gets appointment from the US embassy or consulate in his resident country. It is necessary for the new enrolled students applying on F or M visa they have to apply at least 120 days prior to start their course. The student from overseas can enter in the United States on his/her student visa before one month to start his/her studies.

The United States student visa requirements
The student visa requires visa processing fee that is non refundable. However, student must confirm the visa fee structure from the official website of the US because fee structure may change with the passage of time. The US student visa demands some official documents from the overseas student. The followings are few compulsory documents required from the foreign student.
1. The foreign student that is applying to study visa in this country must have valid passport and other traveling documents. The validity of the passport must be more than six months. The accompanied family member must have their own separate valid passport.
2. The Form DS-160 must be completed according to the instructions and duly signed by the applicant.
3. The visa processing fee receipt must be attached with the student visa application.
4. The online application form need color photograph for DS-160.
5. Attested copies of transcripts, diplomas, degrees, or certificates.
6. Source of income or financial status through fresh bank statement.
7. Medical fitness certificate from the nominated hospital, clinic.