The United States immigration

The United States of America is a developed country of this region and it has excellent job opportunities of the skilled and experienced employees in different sectors. The US has huge industries and commercial institutions those require qualified and trained workers from abroad. The US introduced different ways to attract the qualified and skilled workers from other countries of the world. The United States is also famous for its immigration because of easy mechanism and procedure. The US has large numbers of immigrants along with Canada and that is why it has multicultural society. The immigration policy is a fantastic way to induct more qualified, skilled and experience workers from other regions of the globe. However, the US often changes its immigration policy with the passage of time and try to hire more seasoned and dynamic immigrants. The US immigrants have the same rights and responsibilities as the native people have.

1. The US family immigration
This immigration route is frequently used by the sponsor, but it is necessary for this that the sponsor must have a US citizenship or permanent resident status. This family immigration is applies only for the close family members like spouse, kids and parents of the sponsor. However, in some case step parents and step children are also eligible for this category. The married sons and daughters are not allowed for this family immigration. The I-130 application Form is required for this family visa, but the processing time varies from application to application.

2. The US employment based immigration
This immigration way is comparatively tough and difficult. The eligibility for this type of immigration is excellent performance and achievements in art, sport and science. This immigration needs an employer as a sponsor. The US employer offers a job to overseas and proves that there is no suitable candidate for this job. In case the employer’s petition is approved and then he submits Form I-140 on overseas employee behalf. However, after the approval of this Form I-140 then employee applies for immigrant visa.

3. The US investor based immigration
In case the immigrant do not have any sponsor or capability to sponsor himself, then he can think about investor based immigration. However, this type of immigration needs handsome amount in the form of capital starting at $500,000.00. Moreover, it is also important that investor has clean and legal money in the form of investment. The investor after landing there will apply for the permanent residence.

4. The US Asylum
In case the individual that is not secure in his country due to race, nationality, membership in a social group, political opinion or religious differences, then he/she can apply for the US Asylum. The prime applicant can apply for US Asylum for other family members. The US Asylum is only granted to the applicant those are in this country, but the applicant away from this country can apply for refugee status.

The United States immigration requirements
The immigration is a complicated and difficult process, but it demands few basic documents from the immigrants. There are different cases of immigration or category of immigration and all these immigration demands different requirements. The family immigration needs legal sponsor that must be US citizen or has legal status of immigrant in this country. Moreover, his/her financial position should be healthy to support the sponsored individuals. Similarly the employment sponsorship requires relevant skills, expertise and qualification. To qualify this immigration process the applicant must provide the followings necessary documents.

1. The candidate of immigration must be equipped with the valid passport and the validity should be over six months.
2. Affidavit of Support from the sponsor on the required form like I-864, I-864 A, I-864 EZ, or I-864 W.
3. Valid and duly filled Form DS-260, immigrant visa and Alien Registration Application required.
4. Color pictures of the immigrant or applicant according to the requirement of the immigration rules.
5. The immigrant must provide the marriage certificate, birth certificate and other relevant documents.
6. Attested copies of all academic and other professional documents.
7. Health fitness certificate from the nominated hospital or clinic.
8. Security clearance certificate from the belonging country of the immigrant. It is necessary that the immigrant or applicant must have clear and transport moral record.