School bus drivers in Canada

School bus driver in Canada description
Employer name:
Pacific Western Transportation.
Job Location:
Job posted date:
27th May 2022
Salary package:
Negotiable according to experience.
Last date of application submission:
24th June 2022
Numbers of vacancies:
At this moment 05 jobs are available.
Employment nature:

How to Apply?
Eligible and interested candidates for School bus driver in Canada can apply through this official website:
But, it is necessary for the candidates they must have Canadian nationality, permanent residency status, or a valid work permit in Canada. Likewise, the candidate must have a valid required driving license.

Application Information
Employer Name: Pacific Western Transportation.
Contact Person Name: Southland Transportation Limit
Contact Email:
Employer Website:

School bus drivers in Canada frequently advertised in leading newspapers. Similarly, school bus driver jobs are also require by schools and companies in Canada. Bus driver jobs in Canada earn a handsome salary and other benefits. School bus driver salary in Canada is higher than in neighboring countries of that region. However, school bus driver salary in Canada is satisfactory with other advantages. But, Canadian school bus driver job demands skilled and licensed drivers from overseas. That is why bus driver jobs in Canada are open for foreigners.

The school bus driver in Canada is a demanding job and school bus driver earns about $39,000 per year or $20 per hour. An entry-level bus driver earns $33,813 per year, but the seasoned driver gets $154,863 per year. In Canada, bus drivers earn an average salary that is $22.02 per hour. However, the school bus driver in Canada demands a few basic requirements like age must be over 21 years. Moreover, the school bus driver must have a valid driving license other than G1, G2, M, M1, or M2. Similarly, the bus driver must clear vision tests, medical fitness certificates, and bus driver improvement courses.

The bus driver in Canada can get Canadian I immigration because this job is enlisted on Canadian NOC List. However, bus driver in Canada must have the following qualities he should be cooperative, have good hand-to-eye coordination, hearing ability, patience, physically fit and have good visual ability. The bus driver also called bus operator transit bus driver transit operator chartered bus driver public bus driver school bus, driver.

School Bus Driver in Canada – $1,000 hiring bonus offered to skilled and eligible candidates. This mentioned bonus will be offered for the next six months to eligible bus drivers. Bus driver jobs are required in Humboldt, SK. That is why safety-minded School bus drivers will welcome this company. SOUTHLAND offers free-of-cost training, a handsome salary package, bonuses, and other benefits. There will be summers, weekends, and holidays off.

Job Description
School bus drivers in Canada prime duty is to shift students from home to school. There are two shifts morning and evening.

School bus driver job requirements.
A school bus driver must have a valid driving license.
Driver must be organized and reliable.
Good communication skills.

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