Qatar investor visa

Qatar is included in the rich Islamic countries of the world. This country is swiftly growing and increasing its economy because of fantastic export of oil and gas. Qatar is also familiar for its per capita income, which is higher in the world. There are thousands of companies, organizations and firms which are operating in this country. These organizations or companies usually work in constructions, oil and gas exploring or other industries. Qatar industries executives and companies try to hire skilled and qualified workers from other countries of the world. Qatar usually advertises these jobs in leading newspapers and also through recruiting agents. Qatar encourages and welcomes foreign investors. In past years the overseas investor only secured 49% ownership, but new law amends the previous law and now the foreign investor will get 100% ownership on his investment. The new law of investments now pulls investor to this part of the world. The General Directorate of Passport and Expatriate Affairs allows the foreign investor to live and run their business through investor visa. The overseas investor can apply through online for this investor visa. There will be no income tax on investor for initial ten years after investing in Qatar. Similarly, investor also gets advantages on import of machines from overseas. Qatar offers different attraction to foreign investors and in this way the investor gets more profit from his investment.

Qatar investor visa process
Qatar investor visa demands specific amount of investment from the overseas investor. Moreover, the investor must be good in physical condition and have good character. The process starts from the submission of investor visa application. There is a specific application form which should be properly filled out and has all related documents. Visa processing fee receipt must be attached with this application. The international investor can apply online for this investor visa at the General Directorate of Passport and Expatriate Affairs. Similarly, the application is also filed in General Directorate of Passport and Expatriate Affairs through representative. The relevant authorities check and confirm the provided documents from the investor side and then take decision regarding the investor visa. Moreover, authorities also probe regarding the capital, which is going to invest in this country. The money should be legal and legally transaction in this country. Qatar facilitates the foreign investors in the process of investor visa and other investment procedures. The overseas can only invest in provided or nominated fields.

Qatar investor visa requirements
Qatar investor visa is a legal document that permits the overseas investor to live and run his business in this country. This visa demands a specific amount of capital in the form of investment. The investment should be legally transaction in this country through bank account. It is also important that the capital or investment money should be earned through legal way. It is necessary for the foreign investor that he must have a valid plan about investment as well as relevant experience. Qatar has some restriction regarding the foreign investment and the investment must be in legal businesses. However, the followings are some basic documents which must be provided by the investor along with visa application.
1. The overseas investor must have a valid passport and the passport validity should be at least six months at the time of application submission.
2. Official investment offer letter from Qatar investment authorities.
3. Investment proof in the shape of bank statement or any means like credit card.
4. Good moral character certification from the belonging country of the applicant.
5. Fresh passport sized color pictures of the investor visa applicant.
6. Applicant academic documents and relevant experience certification.
7. Security clearance certificate from the native country of the investor visa applicant.
8. Health fitness certificate from the recognized and nominated hospital.