Privacy Policy is under the strict privacy policy of its administration and management about information sharing shared by the website readers with us. The visitors of this website communicate their issues, questions and queries through email or telephonic contact. However, we are bound with our commitment that we will not share their emails or contact address with anyone because it is our firm privacy policy.

Personal facts and information
This website is the most advanced and have modern approach about the contents which it has. This website loaded with latest information about different types of visas like study, work, investment, visit and immigration. We update this website with current and latest information from different countries about their visas policies, requirements, procedures and processing time. We keep an eye on the searches of the people from all over the world and that is why we provide concerned details about any particular visa or immigration. If the visitor of this website have any thirst about provided information and he/she wants more than these, then they can leave the message in the form of question. To do so he/she will provide his/her email, contact number or any other related information. The provided information from the readers will be safe and secure in our database and these provided information will not be shared with anyone.

Non-personal facts and information gather non personal data or information in the form of question or query about visas, immigration or citizenship. The non personal date is usually belong to browser name, computer manufacturing or other technical details like operating detail, internet service source, geographical location, provided service quality,  etc.

Why we collect this information? tries it’s best to provide and update its articles according to current information. However, there are numbers of visitors or readers who want more than this information and for this they have to send message through email. So this the main source we gather the data of our readers and the data guide us regarding the improvement of this website. The feedback and suggestions from the readers help us enhance the performance and overcome the deficiencies. The email is used to reply to your question and other information sharing, but the data are secures. The stored data will not be shared with anyone or organization, which is our strict policy.

Privacy policy changes from time to time
The administration of this website also inform and update regarding the privacy police if any change has been made by our management. The management of this website will inform our website readers through their email. It is also necessary for the visitor or readers of this website that they have to check the privacy policy frequently. In this way the readers will aware about current privacy policy.

Contact us
The visitors or readers of this website are free to write, email or contact about any question query or information. However, it is necessary that information must be regarding the contents enlisted in this website. The suggestions and advice from the readers’ side will be welcome and encouraged. So, keep touch with us through your email or any other sources.