Oman work visa

Oman is an Islamic country that is located in the region of Middle East. This country is ahead in oil and gas exports to other countries of the world. Oman is economical stable country because of its huge oil export. Oman usually imports skilled, qualified and experienced employees from other parts of the world to fill the vacant position in industries and companies. The skilled workers are inducted in oil and gas companies and construction companies.  The foreign employees increase the national economy of this country because of their extra ordinary skills and experience. Oman also hire employees for its offices, educational institutes, oil exploring companies and construction companies.  All companies and institutes prefer qualified overseas employees along with valid work visas. Oman provides best working environment and living facilities as well as best salary packages. Oman usually announces and advertises its vacant jobs in leading newspapers and online websites. This country also hires employees with the assistance of foreign recruiting agents. The foreign skilled employee or worker enters in this country on entry visa and that change into permanent work visa.     

Oman work visa process.
Oman needs work visa from the overseas employees, which is usually arranged by the company or employer. The employer or company needs labor license from the Ministry of Manpower. The labor license is the main and vital document through that employer inducts foreign employees. The employer initially submits an application or files a case in Ministry of Manpower directorate. The authorities initially check the labor license of the employer and other provided documents of the employee. Moreover, authority also calculates the number of employees inducted by the employer according to his quota. The authorities initially release a permission letter and then employer issued job offer letter to worker. The employee after acceptance the job offer letter the employer submits application to work visa in Immigration Department of the Royal Oman police.

The work visa is the main document that permits the overseas employees to live and work in this country legally. The foreign worker enters in this country on entry visa and then get permanent work visa. The employee after landing this country need residence visa and for this the worker reports in Civil Status Department of the Royal Oman Police. The employee has one month for these whole process and worker must complete this as soon as possible. The authorities prior to issue the permission of inducting overseas employee confirm from the labor market about labor statistics. The overseas employee will clear his medical fitness examination prior to get the residence card from the Civil Status Department of the Royal Oman Police. The provided residence card validity is for two years. The work visa can be renewed after expiry date by paying visa renewal fee.

Oman work visa requirements.
The work visa is necessary to work and live in this country.  The work visa usually mange by the employer or Oman Company for the overseas employee. This work visa demands some basic documents from the employee. The work visa can be extended after the expiry date. It is necessary for the employee that he has enough experience and relevant skills which are required for this job. The followings are some fundamental documents for this work visa.
1. The prime requirement is valid passport and its validity must be more than six months.
2. Fresh passport sized color pictures of the work visa applicant.
3. The age of employee should between 21 years to 60 years.
4. Job offer letter from the employer or Oman company duly signed.
5. Health fitness certificate from the recommended hospital.
6. Ex-employer NOC in some cases.
7. Academic documents in the form of degree, certificate and diplomas.