Oman visit visa

Oman is financially stabled county of the Middle East. The country is leading in oil and natural gas to other parts of the world. Oman has classic infrastructure and other facilities. The country is a blend of traditional culture and modern culture. There are modern buildings as well as traditional homes and other buildings. Oman has long and wide coastal line contains different beaches and other picnic points. There are many water games, which fascinates the visitors and tourists from other countries. The foreign tourists visit this country to view the undisturbed natural beauty as well as other historical places. Oman welcomes and encourages the visitors from other region, but demands visit visa. Oman provides classic and world class facilities to overseas tourists in the form of hotels, restaurants and good communication system. However, visit visa is necessary for the foreign tourists prior to enter in this country. In some case this visits visa is also issued from airport or seaports. The tourists cannot get any job in this country on this tourist visa. Oman visit visa is issued for one month period, but it can be renewed for another one month. This visit visa can be used within six months after releasing from the embassy. Oman one month visit visa provides single entry of this country. Oman single entry visit visa is valid for one month and it is suite businessmen, tourists and general visitors. This visit visa is issued from Oman embassy of the applicant country and it has less processing fee. However, multiple entry visit visa for Oman offers multiple entries to visa holder. However, it demands that there must be period of three weeks between visits. This visit visa will not be extended after the expiry date.

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Oman visit visa process
The applicant that has no sponsor then get application Form from Royal Oman Police website. The application Form should be filled out according to the given instructions and duly signed by the visit visa applicant. This visit visa application Form should have all related documents. The visits visa fee deposit according to the instructions of the Royal Oman Police. The visa officer in Oman embassy thoroughly checks the provided application and concerned documents and then makes a decision. The embassy updates the applicant through provided email address. The visit visa application is available in both formats like English and Arabic languages. Once this visits visa is approved then embassy informs the visit visa applicant and he can collect this visits visa from embassy. This visit visa allows the visitor to visit this country. However, this visits visa can only be used for touring this country and not for job. The visit visa is issued for a limited period and after that the visa holder must leave this country.

Oman visit visa requirements.
Oman visit visa is an official document that allows the overseas visitor to enter in this country for exporting or sightseeing. It is necessary for the tourist that he must have enough budgets to meet the expenditures of this visit. In case of sponsor from this country the sponsor must release a sponsor letter and the sponsor will be responsible for coming visitor during his stay in this country. The followings are some basic requirement for this visits visa.
1. The applicant should be equipped with valid passport and validity should be over six months.

2. Recent passport sized color pictures of the applicant.
3. In case if there is sponsor from this country, then the sponsor letter should be verified from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
4. Medical fitness certificate from the nominated hospital.
5. Security clearance certificate from the native country of the applicant.
6. Latest bank statements those indicate the financial position of this visits visa applicant.


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