Indonesia e-Visa

e-Visa introduction.

Indonesian government took many steps. In the Indonesia e-visa processing. Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights started Indonesia e-Visa or electronic visa. Indonesia e-Visa is simple and easy.

This application system is nice. This is is started because of providing ease. And easy access during this pandemic time. The e-Visa system is simple and easy for all applicants. 

This new system will be applicable for future visitors. Who wants to visits this country. This new launched system will be beneficial for this country.

Indonesia e-Visa is an easy way to apply from your home desk. All processes will be done online.

e-Visa steps.
Indonesia e-Visa is a modern facility. There is no need to visit Indonesian embassy. Or immigration office for the visa process.

But, now there is no need to get a visa sticker on your passport. To enter this country. Now it is a simple and easy way to get the e- visa. 

Applicants apply online through Indonesia e-Visa system. The full process will be done online. All data and basic information collected through online application form. But, the following are a few steps which need for this e-visa.

1. Applicants first visit Indonesia immigration website.

2. The applicant registers himself on this website as e-visa applicant. Applicant puts his/her data and uploads all documents.

But, wait there for notification from the immigration office. That contains the username and password.

3. Then, apply for e-visa and then log in using the given username and password. Now it is time to enter your required data and documents. 

Make PNBP payment and if the application is refused. Then, visa processing fee will not be refunded.

4. Once your application is approved then you will get a notification through email.

e-Visa processing time.

The Indonesia e-Visa applicant can apply for this visa. Wherever the applicant is. But, the verification process is quick and it takes only two working days.

But, after two days the Indonesia e-Visa sent to the applicant through email. 

When this email reaches your email box. Then overseas visitors can travel to Indonesia. This nice facility is a good way to save money and time for overseas visitors.

Moreover, this online process cut the face-to face contact of the applicant.

Who can apply for the Indonesia e-Visa?

This e-visa is for those countries which have a travel agreement with Indonesia. But, the concerned countries applicants can apply online for the e-visa.

The e-visa enlisted countries are China, the United Arab Emirates and South Korea. First, this e-visa is for business travelers of the concerned countries.

But, later it opens for trained workers, investors and civil servants. This e-visa demands personal and passport details of the applicant.

But, applicants upload all required documents. But, the e-visa processing fee required before submitting an online application.

Advantages of Indonesia e-Visa.

In the time of pandemic this is an easy way to protect the people from direct contact for visa processing. However, this e-visa saves time and cost for the applicants to visit immigration office.

There is no need to submit the paper documents. So, no need to get a sticker on your passport from the immigration office.

The process of verification is so quick that is why it takes two working days.

This service is available all over the world. But, applicants can apply for this e-visa from any part of the world.

Indonesia e-Visa details.
Indonesian government started this e-visa in October 2020. The aim of this e-visa is to speed up the application process.

However, in this way they remove the long lines of applicants. Moreover, this e-visa also gets rid of personal visits to submission of applications. 

This is the best way to minus the direct contact of the people. In this way this new system saves the valuable time of the businessmen.

But, this e-visa is for those applicants who have a Travel Corridor agreement with Indonesia. Similarly, it is for skilled workers, civil servants and investors. 

The e-visa applicant will just fill out Application Form online. This online process is very short.

It needs personal information, passport details and bio-metric requirement. This e-visa also needs some documents and online visa fee proof. 

The e-visa demands few basic information from the e-visa applicants. First this visa requires personal details of the e-visa applicant like full name.

Current and permanent address of the applicant. Date of birth as well as place of birth. Similarly it requires contact details. 

Moreover, this visa also demands issuing the date of passport. as well as expiry date of passport. Then the applicant will upload required documents for this e-visa. Applicants will pay the visa processing fee.

It is through a number of ways including debit or credit card. Applicants will receive his/her approved visa through the same email used for application. 

This is all before the online application submission. All details of the e-visa applicant are uploaded to the applicant.

Along supporting documents into government portals. However, after approval applicants will get this visa through email.

The visa has different advantages in the term of stay. Similarly it is for single or multiple entry visa and validity of visa. However, sometimes it is up to the desire of the applicant.

In some cases it is not applicable like tourism and permanent employment. In such cases please visit the nearest Indonesian embassy. 

Indonesia e-Visa important points. 

This e-visa is started for sure Indonesia visa applicants from overseas.

The e-visa is applicable for different classes like business visas, work permits, and dependent visas.

Applicants can apply for this visa online without paper documents. 

The e-visa or electronic visa is quickly processed within two to three days.

However, in some cases it will take more than this time. 

The e-visa is for business visa, work permit holders and dependent visa holders.

The e-visa also requires health insurance and travel insurance. 

Invitation letter as proof is required for a business visa from the inviting sponsor. 

Negative COVID-19 PCR test result dated within three days.

Applicants can apply for e-visa without any consultant. 

The visa application can be moved from any part of the world. 

E-visa application processing fee must be paid before application submission. 

Requirements of Indonesia e-Visa.

Indonesia e-Visa is a new way of Indonesia. To avoid the direct contact of the people for the visa process. So, the e-visa is a simple way to get your visa for Indonesia from your home country.

But, the online applicant can apply for this visa from anywhere. The basic need for this e-visa is applicant’s data. The data is usually personal and about the passport validity. 

Moreover, it demands applicant’s passport details and few basic documents. The applicant of this e-visa fills out an online application form according to instructions.  

Along with images of passport and photos. The visa process fee receipt image and receipt number and other details. But, the passport of the applicant must be valid at the time of visa application.

The passport of the e-visa applicant must be valid and minimum validity should be six months.

Applicants must have a valid credit or debit card to pay visa fee. 

Applicants must have a valid latest email address. This will be used for application submission and visa collection.

Applicants must have a return or onward flight ticket.

He/she has enough money to support himself during stay in Indonesia.

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