How to become a citizen of Turkey

Turkey is a Muslim country located in two continents Europe and Asia. The country officially called Republic of Turkey. The country is famous for its pleasant weather conditions and beautiful sites. Turkey is economically stable country of this region and it pulls overseas employee, immigrants and students. Turkish citizenship is dream of many overseas and they struggle for that. Turkey is the country that offers numbers of job opportunities, business and comfortable living. Turkey is a gateway to entire Europe. Turkey has fantastic life and calm working environment. Moreover, health and educational facilities are marvelous in this part of the world. There are different ways to secure Turkish citizenship like marriage with Turkish national or investment in this country.

Turkish citizenship advantages.

The followings are few basic or fundamental advantages of Turkish citizenship or immigration.
1. Turkish citizenship is a rapid process and it may take six months.
2. Turkish citizenship holder can enjoy visa free travel about 115 countries of the world.
3. There is no specific residency require for the citizenship in Turkey.
4. The validity of Turkish passport is ten years.
5. This country offers world class health facilities or treatment.

Turkish citizenship conditions.

Turkish citizenship demands some basic conditions from the overseas immigrant which must be fulfill by the foreign applicant for citizenship.
1. Turkish citizenship applicant must be adult or has legal age of submitting his case.
2. The applicant accommodation in Turkey must be minimum five years.
3. The residing period will be reduced if applicant is married to a Turkish national or if applicant is overseas, but born in this country.
4. He should not be absent from this country not more than six months.
5. The applicant for Turkish citizenship must have good physique and mental status.
6. The applicant for Turkish citizenship must have no criminal record.
7. The applicant of this Turkish citizenship can speak Turkish language at a basic level.
8. The applicant of Turkish citizenship must have sufficient funds to support in this country.
9. If applicant has suitable job in this country and has handsome earning then fine, but otherwise he will prove his financial condition.
10. If overseas Turkish citizenship candidate is beneficial for this country, then he has more chances of Turkey citizenship.
11. Professionals have more chances of citizenship like athletes, skilled employee and University professor.
12. If Turkish citizenship is secured through marriage with Turkish national and then divorce, but citizenship status will remain intact.

Turkish citizenship procedure.

The overseas individual that is residing in this country for many years and does not have any plan to go back then he can apply for Turkish citizenship. In this way it removes the requirement of visa renewal, residence and work permit. Turkey also allows dual nationality of the overseas and foreign applicant can mention the status of original citizenship of belonging country. The applicant initially gets an appointment from Turkish government official in a city or town hall. The interview is conducted through Turkish language. The candidate submits application form along with other supporting or required documents. The application processing fee must be paid by applicant and all documents and application will dispatch to the Ministry of the Interior for evaluation. Turkish Consulate General informs the citizenship applicant through mail. A candidate of Turkish citizenship must equipped with following official documents prior to visit local government office.

1. Valid passport of the applicant and validity should be over six months.
2. Four passport sized color pictures.
3. Provides documents those indicate your relationship with your spouse and kids.
4. The applicant of this citizenship must have enough funds for supporting himself during the stay in this country.
5. Medical fitness certificate from the recognized or nominated hospital.
6. Proof of Turkish language status through interview or conversion.

Turkish citizenship by investment.

Turkey also offers citizenship to overseas investor through their investment in this country. The foreign investor can get Turkey nationality by investing minimum US$ 250,000 in real estate. It is also necessary and vital for the overseas investor that he cannot sell his purchased property before three years. It is also compulsory for the investor that he will invest in more than one property, but cumulative amount must be more than US$ 250,000. The Ministry of Environment and Urban Affairs will assess the value of the investment and it should be over, the required amount for Turkish citizenship. The overseas investor needs to visit Turkey during the citizenship process. The overseas investor can retain his previous nationality along with Turkish citizenship. The investor after investing required amount in this country will get the citizenship. This citizenship provides him equal rights according to the native people. The investor can invite his other family members on this investment ground like spouse and children less than 18 years of age.