Heavy haul truck driver jobs in Canada

Heavy haul truck driver jobs in Canada description
Employer name:
Richards Transport Ltd.
Job Location:
REGINA, Canada.
Salary package:
85,000 to 135,000 per year.
No specific experience is required.
GED 12 – General Educational Development.
Job posted date:
9th May 2022
Last date of application submission:
30th June 2022
Numbers of vacancies:
At this moment 10 jobs are available.
Employment nature:
Full-time and part-time.

How to Apply?
Eligible and interested candidates for Heavy haul truck driver jobs in Canada can apply through: Boyd@richardstransport.com.
However, it is essential for the candidates they must have Canadian nationality, permanent residency status, or a valid work permit in Canada.

Application Information
Employer Name: Richards Transport Ltd.
Contact Person Name:
Boyd Richards.
Contact Email:
External Job Source Website:
Employer Address:
S4R 8R8

Heavy haul truck driver jobs in Canada are advertised by Richards Transport Ltd. But, the heavy haul driver jobs offer handsome salary packages and other officially recommended benefits. Therefore, heavy haul truck driver jobs are regularly published in newspapers and online websites.

But, the heavy haul truck driver’s salary is about 85,000 to 135,000 per year. Therefore, heavy haul truck drivers must have a valid required driving license and physical fitness. So, the current announced driver jobs demand experienced drivers have a right to work in this country.

A heavy haul truck is a truck that carries a super load, machinery hauling, or heavy equipment trucking. The haul truck drivers drive trucks for long distances and it is often interstate deliveries. But, these trucks usually carry large equipment. But, a heavy truck driver earns $43,875 per year or $22.50 per hour.

Entry-level heavy haul truck driver gets $38,025 per year, but seasoned driver earns $57,569 per year. Heavy haul truck driver needs training course from a vocational school or community college. Similarly, a class 3 or D license is needed for this category of drivers.

Heavy haul truck driver jobs are demanded jobs in Canada. Canada offers handsome salaries, but other countries also pay good salaries. The following countries has good salary packages like Switzerland $70,452, Australia $53,951, Belgium, $50,462, United States $47,130, etc. The highest-paid job in Canada is Physician/Doctor 150,000 CAD/year.

A truck license in Canada needs 18 years of age, a valid driving license, a clear vision test, and medical fitness. If an Indian has a legal right of residence in Canada then he can become a truck driver in Canada. A truck driver can get PR in Canada if he fulfills the requirement of permanent residency.

The currently advertised jobs demand Class 1A drivers with experience. The interested candidate must have Canadian citizenship or permanent residency or a valid work permit. The company will also provide job training to those who want to go for a longer period in this company.

At this moment the company has both full-time as well as part-time vacancies. The fresh driver will receive 28.00/hour, but the experienced driver will earn more than this. But we offer handsome salaries from 90,000.00 to 150,000.00.Heavy haul truck driver jobs in Canada

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