Heavy duty truck technician jobs in Canada

Heavy duty truck technician jobs in Canada description
Employer name:
Job Location:
Job posted date:
13th May 2022
Salary package:
It will be up to experience and/or education
Last date of application submission:
22nd May 2022
Numbers of vacancies:
At this moment 04 jobs are available.
Employment nature:
Full-time and part-time.

How to Apply?
Eligible and interested candidates for Heavy-duty truck technician jobs in Canada can apply with a covering letter through email, fax, or in-person to: 3002 Faithfull Ave, Saskatoon, SK.
However, it is essential for the candidates they must have Canadian nationality, permanent residency status, or a valid work permit in Canada. Similarly, the candidate must have a valid required driving license.

Application Information
Contact Person Name:
Human Resources
The contact Fax:
Contact Email:
Employer Website:

Heavy-duty truck technician jobs in Canada are open for full-time and part-time workers. Full-time and part-time technicians earn handsome salaries. Heavy-duty truck mechanic salary is higher in different provinces of Canada. Heavy truck technician jobs are required in garages and auto-technician centers. Heavy-duty truck mechanics diagnose, maintain, and repair heavy-duty engines and vehicles. The heavy equipment technician jobs are in demand in entire Canada.

Heavy-duty mechanics jobs are highly demanded jobs in Canada. However, at this moment Canada needs about 25,900 heavy-duty mechanics. Truck mechanic in Canada earns $53,134 per year, but it is also up to experience and skills. A heavy-duty mechanic has a good career in Canada. Therefore, it is enlisted in the highest paid jobs. However, heavy-duty mechanics are demanded in Alberta, Canada. A heavy-duty equipment technician earns about $70,200 per year or $36 per hour in Canada. At the initial stage, a mechanic earns $57,025 per year, but an experienced mechanic gets $87,788 per year.

A heavy-duty technician in Canada must be equipped with four years of workplace and in-school training. Moreover, he must have Level 1, 2, and 3 Heavy Mechanical Trades and 6,360 hours of work training. A mechanic does not require any specific qualification or education. However, the majority of mechanics spends time in an apprenticeship or gets training. However, the light vehicle technician provides service and repairs light vehicles like cars. Level 3 vehicle technician repairs light vehicles like cars and vans.

Winacott Equipment Group/Warner Industries announced different jobs for Heavy-Duty Truck Technicians in Saskatoon. If you have experience and skills then you can join our winning team. We have different kinds of jobs for technicians for fresh and skilled candidates. However, candidates must have experience in engine/transmission/axles/electrical/driveability. This advertisement is a fantastic job opportunity for experienced candidates.

We will offer different types of benefits like handsome salaries, authorized training, and retirement plan. We will also enhance technical abilities and skills. If you think that you fulfill the requirements of this job then send your resume with a covering letter. However, applicants must have the right to work in Canada. If there is no suitable candidate in Canada then an employer can hire an overseas worker.

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