Dubai investor visa

Dubai is a new financial hub of the United Arab Emirates. This Emirate is famous for its oil production and export as well as it has huge gold market. Dubai is economically stabled than the rest of the UAE Emirates. Dubai has been converted into commercial hub that offers all products and accessories to international customers. Dubai has little bit relax rules and regulation regarding visit, investment and immigration through investment. This Emirate pulls the foreign investors and business community to invest in this part of the world. Although still now, this part of the world is not pulled the immigrants, but currently there are numbers of investors and businessmen have plan to invest in this Emirate. The latest policies about investment encourage the overseas investors to invest sound capital in Dubai and earn handsome profit because of relax policies. The foreign investor can establish new business or industry as well as can invest in running business or trade. The overseas investor can secure residence of this Emirate against investment. The investment amount determines the residence permit, but higher authorities make a decision after a detailed discussion and confirmation.

Dubai provides an excellent opportunity to foreign investors who want to get good return of their investment. Dubai also provide easy, relax and taxation free atmosphere for overseas investors. There are the best chances of improvement and growth in real estate investment. Dubai has designed investor friendly policies and rules and because of this international investor prefers this art of the world for investment. Dubai offers many segments for investment like industries, real estate and running businesses. The demand from Dubai from an international investor is at least one million Durham. Dubai authorities will decide the investment sector, but proposal can be mentioned from the applicant. Dubai authorities offer three years valid investor license and in case he invests in free Zone then he will secure Free trade Zone license. The residence permits is released from the Immigration Department of Dubai, but after completion of all documentation and other related conditions.

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Dubai investor visa process
Dubai usually offers two main segments in which investor can invest his money just as in business or investment in real estate. After investment, in business or establishing new business in this Emirate as well as investment in real estate converts the investment status into employer. This investment not only provides the immigration to investor, but the family members can also live in this Emirate on this behalf. It is compulsory for the overseas investor that his monthly income should be more than 4000 Durham. Moreover, he must have a lease agreement of his residence or accommodation. The investor can also get now the driving license of this Emirate and can get other facilities and services according to the rules of this Emirate.

Dubai investor visa requirements.
Dubai investment immigration is simple and easy because if the investment amount is according to the demands of Dubai authorities then it is easy. Dubai authorities after confirmation of capital and its transfer in this Emirate legally, then offer immigration or residence visa of this Emirate. This immigration visa or residence visa demands some documents and other conditions which must be completed by the visa applicant. The prime requirement for this investment immigration is transfer of money through banking channel and this money should be legal. Similarly, lease agreement between investor and accommodation owner. Dubai has fixed the investment amount for the international investors. The followings are some vital documents which must be provided by the investor.
1. The investment immigration needs specific application Form filled out according to the given instruction and duly signed.
2. Recent passport sized color pictures of the investor.
3. Valid passport of the investor and its validity must be over six months.
4. Investment approval letter and Free trade license from relevant authorities.
5. Leased agreement between residence owner and overseas investor.
6. Valid passport of other family members if they travel with investor in Dubai.
7. Security clearance certificate from the native country of the investor.


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