Dubai family visa

Dubai is the famous Emirate of the United Arab Emirate and it has stable economy because of oil exports.  However, Dubai earns its revenue through oil export and there is large number of gold markets as well as other general items for international customers. Dubai family visa is require for family stay. This Dubai family visa needs different document. However, Dubai family visa is necessary for the families to stay in this Emirate.

Dubai has different companies from international owners as well as native owners working in different sectors like construction, oil exploring and other industries. All these companies and industries induct overseas employees or workers to fill the vacancies.

Dubai always encourages and welcomes qualified and exerts employees from other countries of the world. Similarly, this Emirate also offers handsome salaries and other recommended facilities. The overseas employees and other professionals want to invite their family members specifically spouse and kids. Dubai also set a parameter for invitation of family and that is necessary for the sponsor that his earning should be in between AED 4000 or AED 3000.

Similarly, he has his own accommodation in this emirate. Dubai is an excellent part of the world that has abundance facilities and services. Moreover, this Emirate also provides large number of jobs in different capacities. The family members need family visa, but initially the sponsor applies for entry visa. However, after entering in this Emirate they applies for Dubai residence visa.

Dubai family visa process
Dubai family visa is the only document that permits the family members to land in this Emirate and lives with sponsor until the maturity of this visa. This visa is requested from the Dubai sponsor on a proper application form along with official letter to GDRFA (General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs, Dubai). The employee or worker of this Emirate usually request for family visa for his spouse, kids and parents.

The applicant after getting initial approval from the authorities, then visit authorized typing center and filled out application form according to instructions. Similarly, he deposit visa processing fee. In initial step the entry visa is posted to family members of the applicant and the family member enter in this Emirate on this entry visa. The family members have two months for this to visit Dubai after releasing this entry visa.

The family members of the employee stamps their visas and complete medical tests. In case family members are not in Dubai within 60 days after getting entry visas, then they will renew their visas by depositing visa processing fee. However, this family entry visa can be renewed twice. The validity of this family visa is for two years, but after expiry it offers one month grace period.

This family visits visa demands some basic requirements like medical clearance certificates. The sponsor visits the Immigration Department along with his passport and other family members passports. He will deposit fee and submit typed application form with related documents. This process will take at least 15 days.

Dubai family visa requirements
Dubai family visa permit the family members to stay in this Emirate with employee. The basic and prime requirement for this family visa is that the sponsor or employee must be legally in this Emirate.

The other documents must be up to date like valid passport, visa and his monthly earning should be according to the requirement. However, the children over the 18 years are not allow to visit on this family visa. The other basic requirement in the form of documents is as follows.

1. The family visa application Form should be typed and filled according to the given instructions.
2. The sponsor of this family visa or employee will provide his salaries slips duly verified from company or employer.
3. Three months bank statement from long-time stayed worker and one month bank statement from new resident of this Emirate.
4. The sponsor also provides Emirate ID card, tenancy contract and labor card.

5. Marriage certificate duly attested and verified from the native country of the applicant.
6. Valid passports copies of family members and sponsor passport copy working in Dubai.
7. Medical fitness certificate from the nominated hospital.
8. Fresh passport sized color pictures of the applicants.


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