Dubai business visa

Dubai is an international business hub in United Arab Emirates because of huge business activities. This Emirate is leading in oil exports and gold business. The businessmen from all over the world visit this Emirate for different business assignments and dealings. Dubai is the top at the list in oil exporting among other Emirates of United Arab Emirates and that is why this city is the prime spot of business activities. The international business personalities, traders and other business related individuals this part of the world, but Dubai demands business visa or visit visa. The businessman must have this official document prior to enter in this Emirate and for this he has to visit United Arab Emirates embassy in his own country. This business visa can be received though online service or with the assistance of tour operators. The followings are some prime types of business visa for Dubai. All these business visas are different from each other because of duration of stay in this Emirate. Similarly, all these business visa types have different processing time.

130 Day Tourist Visa
Dubai offers this visits visa to business community and other visitors to enter in this Emirate. This visit visa is valid for 130 days and usually tourists, visitors, businessman and family and friend visitor get this visits visa.

96 Hour Transit Visa
The transit visa in for those international passengers who are waiting for their next travel in Dubai airport. In case if there is a delay in flight, then Dubai airport authorities issue this transit visa that is valid for 96 hours.

90 Day Visit Visa
This is a common visit visa for Dubai and its validity is three months. This visa is often issued to individuals visiting friends and family. Similarly, individual that is going to attend seminars and business meeting.

Multi Entry Long-Term Visa for 90 days
This visit visa is issued for three months, but it offers multiple entries to visa holder. The holder of this visa can enter, leave and re-enter in this emirate many times. The multiple entry visa is suitable for businessmen and other trading personalities because they frequently visit Dubai. This visa permits the visa holder to enter and leave this Emirate according to his own desire.

Dubai business visa process
Dubai business visa requires proper business visa application Form and it should be properly filled about by applicant. It is also vital that all supporting documents must be annexed with this application form. This business visa also needs visa processing fee that should be paid in related bank. All these supporting documents are filed in the United Arab Emirates embassy for further process. The United Arab Emirates embassy staff thoroughly checks the provided documents and come to know through these documents that the aim of visitor is just business activities. The visa officer issue the business visa to businessman and this official document allows the businessmen to visit this country for his business assignments.

Dubai business visa requirements
The bossiness visa is a legal document that allows the businessman to visit this Emirate. It is necessary that the business visa applicant has enough budgets to meet the expenditures during his stay in Dubai. The other important requirement is that the businessman convinces and explains his business trip in front of visa officer. However, the followings are some basic requirements for this business visa.
1. Business visa application Form properly filled out and duly signed by the applicant.
2. Valid passport of the business visa applicant and other traveling documents.
3. Recent passport sized color pictures of the business visa applicant.
4. Recent bank statements or other financial supporting documents.
5. Copies of returned ticket for his native country.
6. Invitation letter from business company, host or organization.
7. Medical fitness certificate from nominated hospital.