Cross border driver jobs in Canada

Cross border driver jobs in Canada description
Employer name:
Loblaws Inc.
Job Location:
REGINA, Canada.
Job posted date:
11th May 2022
Last date of application submission:
11th June 2022
Numbers of vacancies:
At this moment 95 jobs are available.
Employment nature:

How to Apply?

However, eligible and interested candidates for Cross border driver jobs in Canada can apply online through /job/2101-Fleming-Rd-Regina-SK/Driver–Cross- Border-_R2000219255-2?shared_id=bf673215-d7cd- 4a6c-bcee-4aedfff7213a

However, it is essential for the candidates they must have Canadian nationality, permanent residency status, or a valid work permit in Canada. Similarly, the candidate must have a valid required driving license.

Application Information
Employer Name: Loblaws Inc.
Contact Person Name:
Sandeep Gill
Contact Email:
Employer Address:

Cross-border driver jobs in Canada are frequently published in leading French and English newspapers. However, cross-border driver jobs demand valid driving licenses and awareness of borders. But, Canada and USA cross-border driver jobs are usually for truck drivers to transport material across the countries. Therefore, these jobs handsome salaries and other recommended benefits. However, the cross-border driver earns in Canada is $52,650 per year or $27 per hour. But, the entry-level driver gets $44,065 per year.

The truck driver is a good job in Canada. Canada hires foreign truck drivers because this category is enlisted in the Canadian NOC list. But, truck drivers are required on a national and provincial basis. But, Canada needs huge numbers of truck drivers to fulfill the vacant position of truck drivers. So, cross border truckers make $1,079 per week in Canada.  But, a truck driver needs proof of vaccination to cross the Canadian border.

Canadian truck drivers earn CAD 49,718 per year or $25.50 per hour. But, the entry-level truck driver gets CAD 34,125 per year. Therefore, the followings are a few best countries for truck driving jobs like Australia, Norway, the USA, Canada, Switzerland, etc. Therefore, a cross-border driver crosses different borders like USA and Mexico. However, cross-border drivers must have a valid passport, Social Security Card, and a clean commercial driver’s license (CDL). A Class C vehicle license permit drivers to drive vehicles over 3.5 tons, but not more than 32 tons.

So, cross border drivers’ prime task is to deliver products across the border and distribute them among distribution centers in the UAS. 

Delivery, pickup and inspections: $25
Mileage of $.60 for single w/ $.01 safety bonus
Mileage of $.70 for teams w/ $.02 safety bonus

Benefits and advantages.
Drivers can get a 10% discount at Company Stores.
Workers share ownership plan with Company match.
Pension plan
Health, dental and disability benefits

Driver must check or inspect before and after the trip.
Connect and disconnect truck and trailer, fuel truck.
Deliver products to the UAS and pick back goods to Canada.
Help in loading and unloading the truck.
Check goods, control different equipment, and load. 

However, interested truck drivers must be equipped with valid Commercial Drivers licenses and fulfill 49 C.F.R. Part 383.
Two years of relevant experience and ability to handle 25 lbs weight.
Driver must have the ability to stand, walk and move product.
Interested candidates must have the right to work in Canada legally. But, the eligible driver must be a citizen of this county, or have a permanent residency card or have a valid work permit of this country.
Driver must have a clear criminal rerecord and not indulge in any illegal activities.
Clear drugs and alcohol records.
Driver must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19.
Driver must be able to communicate in English oral and written.
Have sound customer service skills.  

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