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Canada is situated in the North America continent. It is vast country of the world and full of natural resources. This country is developed because of natural product exports and large industrial network. However, Canada hires skilled and experienced employee from overseas to fill the employee gap in this country.

The workers who have experience, skills and qualification like to get a job in the country due to fantastic salary structures and comfortable working environment. But, Canada appoints more qualified employees from other region of the world and smoothly run it business. So, this country demands work permits from the foreign workers and they must have relevant experiences. The work visa is the right document that permits the workers to live and work in this country until the expiry of this work visa.

The employer in this country appoints the overseas workers after taking test and interview. Moreover, they prefer the qualified and skilled workers. Canada has introduced different kinds of work visas and these work visas are different because of their conditions. But, Canada always picks the right man for right job according to his expertise. Here, Canada has some usually issued work visas to qualified employees.

1. Canada LMIA based work visa.
This LIMIA Canadian works visa is unique and it is issue for four years and change into permanent resident visa. But, this work visa needs job offer or invitation letter from Canadian employer, this visa is related to the assessment of labor market. But, Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is the authority that allows the Canadian owners or employer to hire the foreign skilled employee.

This authority keeps the eye on the labor market and assess that currently there is no skilled worker available to get this advertised job. The Labor Market Impact Assessment authority is the monitoring authority in this country that present the real position of the labor market. However, this authority permits and provide green signal for the appointments of the foreign skilled workers.

2. Federal Skilled Workers Program Canada.
Canada offers this federal skilled workers program to overseas employees, but they must score at least 67 points. The points are score from the given factors like age, qualification, experience, language ability, etc. All these factor provides different points just as the qualification can offer 25 points, experience can award nine points to 15 points, the age factors provide zero to 12 points.

The English expertise offers six points, but if the applicant knows the other official language of this country can secure four additional points. The individual from overseas arranges his own job in this country, then he will get ten points. Similarly the adaptability factors provide ten more points.

Federal Skilled Workers Program eligibility
The skilled worker program demands some requirements from the employees in the form of their eligibility like.
1. The worker in this country working in his own profession from last one year will categorize in category skills 0, A and B.
2. The applied profession must be enlisted in the occupation list and certified by labor market.
3. The foreign worker must have a valid job offer letter from Canadian employer.
4. The worker who is enroll in Ph.D is also eligible.
5. The overseas employee must equip with English ability (CLB) 7.
6. The applicant has Canadian degree, certificate or diploma.

3. Canada Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
This Canadian Federal Skilled Trades Program demands a job offer letter from Canadian employer. This category has fewer number of vacancies. This visa class has about 43 professions in which overseas can apply.

Federal Skilled Trades Program eligibility
The followings are some terms and conditions which are necessary for this visa program like.
1. The worker can live in Canada parts, but not in Quebec.
2. The applicant must have good language ability that should be CLB 5 speaking and listening. CLB 4 is required in writing.
3. Two years work experience is needed in his own profession.
4. One year certification is required in relevant field.

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