Canada Immigration visa

Canada is a vast country of the North America continent that has natural resources, but limited human resources. That is why Canada Immigration visa introduced to international immigrants. This Canada Immigration visa has few limitations. Canada Immigration visa provides many facilities of residing in this country to foreign individual.

The country inducts different types of employees and workers from other countries of the world. However, it is through different ways including immigration. Canada is the most important and main destination of the world immigrants. The immigrants from other parts of the world prefer this country due to its soft immigration rules and regulation.

Moreover, job opportunities in Canada are abundant that is why this is a prime settlement area of the immigrants. Canada immigration system is amazing and very simple to understand and demands basic, but essential requirements from the immigrants. The immigration of this country is suitable for all sorts of employees or experts.

Canada usually prefers the skilled, qualified and experienced immigrants from other region of the world. But, the immigration of Canada is based on different personal, professional and academic factors like qualification, experience, skills, age, language, geographical location of applicant country and kinship relative in this country. However, the followings are few prime types of immigration visas.

Canada skilled workers immigration
Canada always encourages but, try to induct qualified and skilled immigrant from other region of the world. These overseas skilled immigrants enhance the national economy of this country as well as overcome the employee’s shortage.

The candidate, applying under this immigration category will secure the immigration and on the behalf of this immigration he can invite his family members. In case the applicant want to settle in Quebec then he applied for Quebec Skilled Worker Program. If the foreign applicant wants to live any nominated province, then he will apply through under Provincial Nominee programs.

1. Canada Federal Skilled Worker Immigration.
This immigration needs skills, experience, relevant qualification and plan to live in any province instead of Quebec.

2. Canada Quebec Skilled Worker Immigration.
This immigration is only for Quebec and their immigrant will must stay in this part of Canada after confirmation of his immigration. However, skills, experience and other requirements are the same as mentioned in Federal Skilled Worker Immigration.

3. Canada Provincial Nominee programs (PNPs) Immigration.
In Canada the provinces are independent about the inducting of skilled immigrants from other region of the world. However, these provinces planned their own criteria about hiring the immigrants. The immigrant will remain in that specific province in which he applied. The immigrant gets provincial nominee certificate from the applied province.

Canada Family Class sponsorship program.
This program is for the family reunion and through this program family members are inducted from overseas. This family class sponsorship program is for spouse, common law partner, parents, grandparents and dependent children.

Canada Business immigration program
This business immigration program is designed for the overseas businessmen have the potential to increase the economical position of this country. The overseas will establish new businesses in this part of the world and in this way they offer jobs to local inhabitants of this county. Quebec government also offers this facility through Quebec business immigration programs.

Canada immigration requirements.
Canadian immigration rules permit the foreign skilled individual to reside and work in this country. The immigration of this country provides the same rights equal to the native of this country. However, it is necessary that the immigrant of this country must fulfill the basic requirements for this immigration.

All immigration programs have their own specific requirements which are different from each other’s. The prime requirement for the immigration is that the applicant must have skills which are required in this country according to the occupation list. The second requirement is that the immigrant must have a relevant experience and qualification.

Moreover, the immigrant must be goof in physical condition and have good moral character. The immigrant must obey the rules and regulation of this country. The followings are some basic, but official requirement of immigration.
1. Valid passport of the immigrant and other traveling documents required for this immigration.
2. Copies of academic and other professional documents.
3. The economical position of the applicant with bank statements.

4. Visa processing fee receipt attached with application.
5. Medical or health fitness certificate from the recommended hospital or clinic.
6. Security clearance certificate from the belonging country of the immigrant.

Canada permanent residence policy for Hong Kong applicants.
Public policy.
This fresh policy is for those individuals who are currently living in Canada. Moreover, they are looking for ways to get the permanent residency of this country. There are two legal ways to get the permanent residency of Canada. These two methods are for applicant and his family members. The applicant who are interested in this category then they can apply for the following methods of residency.  

Stream A: In-Canada graduates
Stream B: Canadian job experience

However, this policy is effective from June 1, 2021, to August 31, 2026.

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