Canada farm worker visas

Canada is included in the first world countries of the world and it is situated in the North America continent. This country is developed because of industries and it’s farming. Canada has a vast and wide area that is why the agricultural activities are done frequently. This Canada farm worker visas is required for farm workers coming from other countries. Canada farm worker visas is a legal document for overseas workers.

Canada usually faces labor or employee shortages in the agricultural activities season and for this country hire overseas employees. The employees, which comes for these agricultural activities and work in fields. To induct these employees from foreign required Farm worker visa. This type of Canadian farm visa is also known as Level C or D visas.

The occupation lists of this country called it General Farm Worker, Harvesting Laborer, Aquaculture and marine harvest laborers, Pet Groomers and Animal Care workers. Currently, this visa got fame because each and every developed country of the world demands farm workers from other region of the world.

Canada farm worker specific skills

Canada farm workers perform different agricultural activities, but they must have the followings skills or expertise. The farm worker cultivates plants, irrigate crops, maintain farm machinery, handle fertilizers, spray and other equipment. The workers also clean stables, barns and clean other workplaces.

The farm employees also take part in harvesting vegetables, hoeing and irrigate different cultivated areas. The farm employee must be aware about equipment, sprayer, manure spreading, loading, farming and hay forming. All these jobs demand physical fitness and strong physique. Moreover, it is also vital that the farm worker must communicate with farm supervisors, managers and owners regarding crop issues.

Canada temporary foreign worker program

Canada immigration offers numbers of jobs in different fields to overcome the labor shortage. Although the jobs demand skills, qualification and relevant experience, but farm jobs do not need any specific qualification, skills or experience. The labor or farm work visa is that category of visa where physical fitness is important with general awareness about agricultural activities.

The farm works visa or fruit picker visa is such type of visa that does not demand any specific type of qualification. Canada hires farm workers from other region of the world under this category of work visa that is seasonal and temporary. The Farm worker earns handsome salary from this temporary job along with other officially provided facilities.

Canada farm worker visa application procedure

Once the employer from Canada issues the job offer letter along with the permission of LIMA then the worker arrange other required documents. The applicant of this works visa fill out the application form for this that is IMM 1295 Form. Similarly the applicant will also fill out the application form for temporary resident visa.

Once all the documents arranged by the employee, then he has to take appointment from the Canadian immigration officer. The work visa employee deposit visa processing fee. The visa process will take some time, but it is up to your country from you belong. This work visa is purely temporary and according to the permission of LIMA assessment report that currently we have shortage of labors.

Canada farm worker visa requirements
The farm works visa is temporary work visa that issues for limited period. However, it is compulsory that the employee must receive Job offer or job contract. The labor market impact assessment (LMIA) is necessary for the releasing of this type of work visa because this authority assess whether we need overseas worker or not.

The job offers letter and LIMA report is vital for the application of this work visa. Canadian Immigration demands the followings documents from the overseas farm employee.
1. Valid job offer letter from the employer or firm.
2. Detailed job contract letter mentioned all terms and conditions of this job.
3. LIMA report regarding the hiring overseas employee for specific job or activity.
4. IELTS test is beneficial or have advantages, but it is not necessary for the low-level jobs or skilled workers.
5. Valid passport of the applicant or employee for this Farm works visa.
6. Recent passport sized color pictures of the employee and accompanying family members.
7. Medical fitness certificate from the recommended hospital or clinic.
8. Security clearance certificate from the native country of the Farm employee.

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