Canada farm worker jobs

Canada is a marvelous country of the North America and it is next door neighbor of the United States of America. This country is a developed and has huge farming and agricultural activities. These farming and agricultural activities need workers or farm workers which usually hired from the other region of the world. The agriculture and farming play an important role in the national economy of this country. Canada farm worker jobs are usually published in leading English and French newspapers as well as online websites.

The advertisement describes the job with its requirements, skills, experience and offered salaries. Similarly, the advertisement also advertises the duration and job description in detail. These jobs advertisement also provide contact number, email or postal address of the employer. These Canada farm worker jobs also handed over to the recruiting agencies or agents. The farm worker jobs are filled purely on temporary basis because after the agricultural season there is no labor shortage.

Canada farm worker jobs description
The Farm workers perform different activities or work during their service. The prime duties of the Farm worker is tree planting, thinning, winter and summer pruning, gathering of crop or production and harvesting required fruit trees. Similarly, these employees irrigate the cultivated land and perform other work in orchid.

It is also vital and necessary that the farm worker must work in all prevailing conditions of that particular area. The work usually work 40 hours per week and 5 to 6 days in a week. The Farm worker job usually offer $14 per hours and it is a good salary package for this job. The employee for this job must be physically fit and can lift up to 40 lbs. However, there is no specific experience is required for these farm jobs.

The followings are some key jobs duties.
1. The worker will take part in harvesting, washing, sorting, packing of fruits or crops.
2. Examining the products and separate low or sub standard products from the genuine one.
3. The worker will also load products in trucks.
4. The worker also maintains equipment, machinery and other tools of this field.
5. The worker will also inform about the crop or fruits progress to farm manager.

How to apply Canada farm worker jobs
Canada farm worker jobs usually published in famous newspapers of this country, but the jobs advertising websites also announce these jobs online. Similarly, these jobs are also hand over to recruiting agencies to provide more suitable farm employees. The job advertisement normally mentioned the method of application or contact.

The employer usually provides his email address or phonic contact number, but in some case the postal address is also provided for receiving application from the applicant. The employee or worker interested in these farming jobs can email, make a contact or send their application on the given address.

The workers those are looking for these jobs must be touched with daily newspapers and jobs adverting websites. The followings are few email addresses of recent farm jobs employer.
And the Email:

Canada farm worker jobs requirements
The prime requirement for these farm jobs is physical fitness. The worker can work under the harsh conditions like cold, dust and damp of the environment in particular working area. He must be willing to work extra time or long hours to complete the given task. Moreover, the employee can bears heavy workload.

The worker of this category must handle the worst condition like wet, noisy, dusty, hot, cold, etc. The farm worker must be equipped to work under pressure, repetitive tasks, up lift heavy load and work in different states. The work visa does not demand any specific requirement from the employee, but fundamental farm awareness, familiarity with equipment and machines.

In case the employer picks the farm worker from overseas, then he must provide the followings compulsory documents.
1. Valid job offer letter from the employer or firm.
2. LIMA report verified and attested form.
3. Valid passport of the Farm worker with other traveling documents.
4. Recent passport sized color pictures of the farm work visa applicant.
5. Medical fitness or health fitness certificate from the recommended hospital.
6. Security clearance certificate from the belonging country of the farm work visa applicant.

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