Canada Business visa

Canada is a fantastic country that is financially stabled country of the first world. It has various natural resources and industrial zones. Canada encourages the investors and business community from all over the world to invest in this country. However, the businessmen must have sound experience of this field as well as good financial position. These overseas investor or businessmen not only increase the revenue of this country as well as provide the jobs to native individuals. Canadian government tries to offer business visa to those foreign businessmen having excellent assets and relevant experience. Canadian officials prefer those businessmen having minimum at least $10 million CND. The business must provide few jobs to native individuals as well as generate revenue for this country. The businessmen from all over the world visit this country for new business opportunities and investment options. To do so they require a valid business visa to enter in this country for these purposes. This business visa is issued only for the business activities or negotiation with other business community, but this visa is not for any kind of job in this country. The followings are some important types of business visas.

1. Canada self-employed persons program
This visa category is to experience and financially stabled overseas businessmen. This visa type provides jobs to native individuals and in this way increase the financial position of this country. The overseas businessmen are checked by the authorities through personal factors like age, qualification, experience, language proficiency, adaptability, etc. The security documents and medical fitness certificates are required from belonging country administrations.

2. Canada start-up visa Program
This business visa is for those international business community having marvelous business idea and excellent capital to invest. The selected organization official initially proves or rejects the business idea. Moreover, the foreign investor must have required budgets for that particular business idea.

3. Canada provincial nomination program
The provinces in Canada are independent in some issues and they can also induct international investors according to their own terms and conditions. This type of visa category is arranged by the concerned province of this country. The Provincial Nomination Program is arranged by the province according to their will and interest. However, this program is appreciated by the international businessmen.

4. Canada Quebec business immigration program
Quebec is the part of Canada, but Quebec have its own administration an interests that are why this province designed its own program for investors or business community. This part of Canada provides the best opportunities for investment or establishing new business in this region to foreign investors. Quebec has designed the followings three main business or investment programs and their requirements for international investors.
1. Self-employed worker program requirements
A. The oversea businessman must reside and starts his business in Quebec region.
B. The international businessman or investor must be equipped with minimum C$100,000.
C. The investor must have minimum two years related experience that is going to establish in this region.

2. Investor program
A. This business category in Quebec needs minimum C$1,600,000.
B. The investor must have these expertise or experience like management, industrial business or professional business.
C. The foreign investor must live in Quebec and invest at least C$800,000.

3. Entrepreneur program
A. The interested investor must contain at least C$300,000 for the establishing new business.
B. The candidate of this business visa category must have a relevant experience of this filed.
C. The newly establish business in this region should be full-time.

Canada business visa requirements
Canada business visa is an official document that is required from the foreign businessmen prior to enter in this country. The most important requirement for this business visa is that the applicant must be in good physical condition and have no criminal record. The businessman must have relevant supporting documents ensure that the prime aim of the businessman is just business activity not more than this. The followings are some basic, but official requirements for these business visa categories.
1. Valid passport of the international businessman and other traveling documents.
2. The required amount of capital and its proof in the form of bank statements.
3. The related business experience proofs.
4. Medical fitness certificate from the recommended hospital or clinic.
5. Security clearance certificate from the belonging country of the applicant.