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Australia is a new horizon for the workers and skilled employees. Australia has huge industries, agricultural forms and mining industries. But, this country continually requires skilled and qualified employees from other parts of the world to overcome the labor shortage. Australia requires more workers during the agricultural season because of labor shortage.

The employees from other countries prefer this country because of handsome salary package and other provided facilities. Australia normally inducts skilled agricultural employees for short period during the agricultural season. However, Australia has the best jobs opportunities for the overseas employees in different sectors.

This country encourages and welcomes the skilled and qualified workers, but they must have legal document in this form of work visa. Australia offers two kinds of work visa like skilled migration visa and nominated or sponsored work visa. The skilled visa holders are induct to overcome the labor shortage during the agricultural season. The sponsored visa is issue under the control of Australia employer or government. The followings are prime types of work visas.

1. Australia skilled work visa.
Australia skilled work visa is design for the experienced individuals and they can apply for it online. Initially the applicant of this visa submits online Expression of Interest on skillSelect. This online submitted form checked by the Australian authorities and then award points in different factors like skills, qualification, age, language fluency, and experience. In case the applicant qualify for this skilled works visa and then authorities permit the worker to land in this country under the nomination released from Australian employer or government.

2. Australia sponsored work visa.
Australia sponsor visa requires sponsorship from Australian employer. However, it is necessary for the employer that he has an employer license. The worker from abroad applies online visa nomination TRN (Transaction Reference Number). The foreign employee applies through ID confirmation from Australian employer. This work visa processing time is from six months to about one year, but all visas have different nature and that is why they have different expenses.

3. Australia skilled-Independent work visa (subclass 189)
Australia skilled independent work visa issue without any sponsorship. It is necessary for the employee that he must be capable, qualified and has a relevant experience. The main advantage of this visa category is that this visa will provide the nationality of this country after a specific time.

If the employee’s occupation is enlisted in SOL skilled occupation list, then he can apply for this visa online. The Australian authority thoroughly checks the entire provided document and if they think that this right one, then they issue this work visa. The applicant of this work visa receive invitation letter within two months.

Australia skilled-Independent work visa requirements
The skilled independent visa category does not need any sponsorship from Australia, but the followings are some basic requirement for this visa class.
1. The applicant must score at least 60 points from different factors like qualification, age, experience, etc.
2. The age limits for this work visa is less than 50 years.
3. The way of application is online through Expression of Interest (EOI).
4. The health or fitness certificate as well as security clearance certificate is required from the applicant.

2. Austral Skilled Nominated work visa (Subclass 190)
This visa category is usually sponsor by the sponsor or sponsored by the state. The visa holder can live and work in this country on this work visa permanently. The applicant scored 60 points, then he can apply online for nomination of this work visa. The process will be completed within two months after invitation.

Skilled Nominated visa requirements.
1. It is vital and necessary the applicant occupation must be enlisted in consolidated skilled occupation list (CSOL).
2. The minimum 60 points are required to qualify this sort of work visa for Australia.
3. It is also compulsory that the age of the applicant must be less than 50 years.
4. The IELTS requirement is compulsory for this visa type.
5. Applicant has to submit the Expression of interest.
6. Health fitness certificate and security clearance certificate is required from the overseas employee.


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