Australia business visa

Australia is a vast country of the continent Australia and it is full of natural resources. Australia has a large network of industries and agricultural forms. Australia earns its revenue from modern industries and agricultural products. Moreover, there are huge sources of natural gas and patrols. Australia has an open mind regarding the overseas investors and businessmen. The foreign investors are encouraged and welcomes in different sectors where they can invest their capital and generate handsome profit. There are soft and polite polices about the international investments. This country also facilitates and provides comforts about the investment process. Australia assists in different steps to overseas investors and provides proper guideline about establishing new business or investing in running business. Australia industries have a large scope of investments from the international investors. Australian government ensures the investors regarding their investment or capital, business insurance and residency against this investment. The given policies about the overseas investments are attractive that is why the overseas investor rush this part of the world to investment. This country provides business visa to foreign investors to live and run their business.

Australia business visa categories
Australia has introduced different types of business visas and they are different from each other because of their requirements. The investor visa permits the foreign investor to live for unlimited period. The foreign investor can apply for permanent resident visa if he has fulfills all the requirements required for this. The followings are some prime types of business or investment visa.

1. Australia Business Talent visa (Subclass 132)
In this investment visa the investor is invited by Australian government or territory for investment to create a new business or enhance running business. There are two streams and in significant business history stream the investor should be equipped with large capital and want to create new business. However, in venture capital entrepreneur stream visa case the foreign investor has money from the Australian Venture Capital Association Limited (AVCAL).

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2. Business innovation and investment visa (Subclass 188)
This category is allocated for the foreign investors having a plan to invest in already running business in Australia. It is necessary for the overseas investor that he must disclose the amount, which he is going to invest in this country. The investment visa is based or related with investment and that is why it is necessary for the investor to spend minimum 160 days in four years. This investor’s visa is further divided into three sub categories.

A. The Business Innovation stream
This investors visa is for those foreign investors who are going to invest in already running businesses in Australia. In this way through their capital they enhance that business and earn handsome profit.

B. The Investor stream
This investor visa is for those international investors who are going to invest in state or territory of this country. However, in this category the amount is specified by the overseas investor.

C. The Significant Investor stream
In this category of investment the investor invest in this country the minimum amount which should not be less than 5 million AUD.

3. Business innovation and investment visa (Subclass 888)
In this case the investor in invited by Australian state or territory to invest. It is necessary for the investor that he has good and honest background. This visa category allows the investor to reside in this country for unlimited time. This investment visa will change into citizenship visa if the investor fulfills all the requirements. The investor on the behalf of this investment visa can invite his family in Australia.

4. Business owner visa (Subclass 890)
This investor visa is for the investors who are going to establish their own business in this part of the world. The investor must be here one year out of two years at the time of case filing. The investor must be legal and has good moral character. He must transit or deposit minimum AUD 100 000 prior to submit application


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