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In this modern era the traveling facilities has been increased many time. The majority of the travelers wants to travel through fast ways. Airlines are operating all parts of the world for the transportation of people and for these airlines tickets are compulsory. Nowadays everyone is busy because of activities. That is why travelers, visitors, tourists and businessmen want simple, easy and swift airlines ticket booking from the home desk.

The online booking means the ticket booking through internet facility. The majority of airlines introduced online ticketing system through that travelers can get their desire ticket from the office desk. This is due to all modern technologies. There are different types of airline ticket booking payment methods and they depend upon your country. The travelers can use anyone payment methods from the followings provided options.

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Payment Methods

1. Payment through Credit cards
This very simple and rapid method of payment from the customers to owners. The Credit card facility is easy to carry and it is safe from theft. There are numbers of Credit cards, but the followings are some famous among the available Credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, American Express, etc.

Similarly, the travelers can use Debit Card and the Maestro is applicable in the United Kingdom while Carte Bleue is used in France. The credit cards payment is common method used by the businessmen, travelers, tourists because it is convenient and easy.

2. PayPal
The PayPal payment methods is also a unique and popular among customers. However, there are few limitations in this method of payment. The PayPal is at this moment use to pay just in Euros, US Dollars, AU Dollars and GB Pounds.

In this PayPal method of payment once the account of the airline confirms the payment then it released airline ticket to client. Although it is comparative new, but now it is being used in different countries of the world for smooth transactions.

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3. Online bank transfer
The travelers from all over the world can pay the price of their airline ticket through online bank transfer. The online banking is rapid, about having free of cost and secure that is why the large number of travelers uses this method for the purchasing of their airline ticket.

The banks in the world are working round the clock and you can send your amount to airline without any hurdle for the payment of airline ticket. Once the airline receives the desired airline ticket amount in its account and then issues the airline ticket after confirmation.

4. Western Union
Western union is also a secure method for the payment of airline ticket price in cash. The Western union payment is transfer from the any Western Union office to airline account or travel agency account. It is also important that Western union does not charge for this service.

Western union airline ticket payment is safe and easily available in different outlets of this company. Western union has launched different offices or outlets in different parts of the city and that is why it easy for money transaction specifically airline ticket payment.

5. Offline bank transfer
There are various ways of airline ticket price payment in different regions of the world. The airlines provide different option to client to pay the price of air ticket. There are some countries of the world which does not have the payment option you have, then book your air ticket online and pay in cash at airline office.

6. Boleto Bancário
This facility is available in Brazil and it is used onetime payment for your air ticket through internet banking service or Boleto Bancário branch in Brazil. The airline issues the airline ticket once they received the amount in the form of air ticket price.

7. Cash payment
The cash payment is simple, easy and common method of payment for the airline ticket purchasing. The airlines have different booking offices or outlets in different countries and even cities of the same country.

The office staff properly guides the air ticket purchasers and then issue physical ticket after receiving the cash for that particular ticket. The office or airline ticket outlet book online ticket from their internet facilitate, but issue ticket. Similarly, they also accept cash from the customers.

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